Iran may attack Israel in the next 48 hours. Quoting senior US Army officials, CBS News has claimed that Iran is preparing a simultaneous attack with more than 100 drones and dozens of missiles.

The tension between the two countries has increased to such an extent that American Army officers have reached Israel. America is trying for reconciliation by calling China and Saudi.

Despite all this, if Iran retaliates, Israel may have to fight a war on two fronts simultaneously.

How did this situation arise between Iran and Israel, now they are preparing to fight a war. These two countries were once friends, then how did they become enemies… Know the unheard stories of friendship and enmity between Iran and Israel in this story…

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Why is the fear of war between Iran and Israel being expressed now…
Iran and Israel have been fighting a proxy war with each other for a long time. However, there has never been a direct major war between the two countries.

Iran is accused of often carrying out attacks on Israel or its embassy through organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah. At the same time, Israel responds to these attacks by directly attacking Hamas, Hezbollah or Iranian targets.

The Israeli army’s airstrike near the Iranian Embassy in Syria on April 1, 2024 was part of this proxy war. In this, 13 people including two top army commanders of Iran were killed. After this, Iran has threatened to take revenge from Israel.

Beginning of friendship: Iran had recognized Israel in 1948 itself.
In the year 1948, a new Jewish country named Israel was formed in place of Palestine in the Middle East. Most Muslim countries in the Middle East refused to recognize Israel. At this time, Iran was the second Muslim nation after Turkey, which accepted it as a country in 1948 itself.

It is said that Iran had never openly expressed friendship with Israel. Everything happened behind the scenes.The closeness between the two increased even more when an American intelligence operation established its own puppet government in Iran.

In fact, on 15 August 1953, when India was celebrating its sixth Republic Day, the American intelligence agency was trying to topple an elected government in Iran. This work was being carried out by General Fazlullah Zahedi of the Iranian Army.

As soon as information about this coup was received from the intelligence agency, Iranian President Mohammad Mossadegh became alert. He ordered the arrest of dozens of people who were preparing to agitate against the government.

As soon as the Iranian army started arresting the protesters, General Fazlollah Zahedi fled the country.

Three days after this incident, on August 18, 1953, a message was sent by the American intelligence agency CIA to its officer in Iran. It was written in it- ‘Our operation against the President of Iran failed. Now we should avoid any such operation.

The CIA officers present in Iran were now left with two options. One thing is that they should return back after saving their lives or prepare for the next operation to topple the Iranian government.

The most senior CIA officer present in Iran named Kermit Roosevelt ignored the order of the US government. He started preparing for the next Operation Ajax.

According to the report of Foreign Policy, the American intelligence agency gathered a huge crowd of mercenaries in Tehran on August 19. These fierce agitators were demanding the restoration of monarchy in the country once again. He had the support of the royal family there.

The result was that Mohammad Mossadegh had to resign from the post of President of Iran and the elected government fell. The power of Iran came into the hands of Shah Reza Pahlavi. This was the first time that America had toppled an elected government in any country.

America’s puppet government in Iran had good relations with Israel. There was a time when Iran was the main oil supplier to Israel during the Shah’s rule. Whereas, during this period, other Arab countries had no relations with Israel. After Israel and Turkey, Iran was the third country in the Middle East where the number of Jews was highest. About one lakh Jews lived in Iran.

According to Al Jazeera, relations between the two were so good that Iran’s intelligence agency SAVAK received training from Israeli intelligence agency Mossad.


Then how did the enmity between Israel and Iran begin?
The answer to this question is the Islamic Revolution of 1979. In fact, in the year 1978, Iran’s King Shah Reza Pahlavi organized a grand party in his palace.


Apart from America’s Vice President Sipro Agnew, big leaders of many countries including the Soviet Union came to this party. Iran’s religious leader Ayatollah Khomeini had criticized it as a party of devils.


Khomeini started uniting the people against this party of the royal family. He believed that the Shah family takes decisions in the interest of America. At the behest of Khomeini, a movement against the Shah started in Iran. Soon the common people of Iran started joining this movement and it took the form of Islamic Revolution.

The interesting thing was that Khomeini, who started such a big movement against the Shah family, was not in Iran himself.In 1964, the Shah ordered Khomeini to leave the country on his demand to make Iran a Muslim nation. For this reason, he started the Islamic Revolution while living in Iraq.


According to Aljazeera’s report, in December 1978, about 2 million people had gathered at Shahyad Square in Tehran to protest against the Shah. Seeing so many people gathered together, the army refused to take action against them. The result was that Shah Reza Pahlavi was forced to flee the country.

Women treating Iranian soldiers injured in war in 1983.
Women treating Iranian soldiers injured in war in 1983.


Khomeini returned to the country in April 1979 and declared Iran an Islamic country. Under the leadership of Khomeini, Islamic state was established in Iran and Sharia law was implemented. The new government of Iran, led by Ayatollah Rohollah Khomeini, broke all relations with Israel.

In his very first speech after returning to the country, Khomeini had said that Iran needs to fight against America and its allies. These countries will commit atrocities against Muslims living in Palestine. Further, Khomeini said that America is the big devil and Israel is the small devil.


After the Islamic Revolution, people of the two countries, who had been friends since 1948, could no longer visit each other. The air route between the two was closed. The Israeli embassy in Tehran was converted into the Palestinian embassy.

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