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Maldives is on the backfoot after the Women Minister’s objectionable remarks on PM Modi. More than 56 percent of Maldives’ GDP is based on tourists. Will Maldives pay a heavy price for the confrontation with India and insult to the PM? How big a blow can social media trends like Boycott Maldives prove to be for tourism-based GDP? Let’s examine the responses to these inquiries.

pm modi
pm modi enjoying with natural view of lakshyadeep

Politics plays an important role in the relations between Maldives and India. The Ministry of External Affairs tries to balance the bilateral relations between the two countries as per national interest and policies. However, the latest development is a strain in the relations between the two countries. Boycott Maldives is trending on social media. Amidst the tension in relations, the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also in discussion. Maldives Minister Mariyam Shiuna’s controversial comment on PM Modi is also in discussion. The attitude of the new President of Maldives Mohammed Muizzu towards India is also challenging. Let us understand the complexity of the relations between the two countries…

pm modi
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Social media users are talking about boycotting Maldives. Lakshadweep remained the most searched keyword on Google for two consecutive days. In such a situation, what is the meaning of Boycott Maldives trend now? Maldives, once a favorite destination for tourists, is disappearing from the dream destination list of the people of India. Users are sharing through videos and social media posts that after canceling their Maldives trip, they are planning to visit Lakshadweep and other places. In such a situation, it is considered certain that the tourism industry of Maldives will face a big blow.

How much money does Maldives make from tourism?

How important the tourism industry is for Maldives can be gauged from the fact that in 2021, Maldives received revenue of approximately US $ 3.49 billion from tourism. About 56 percent of the country’s GDP comes from tourism. Apart from the country, Maldives is also the leader in tourism in the entire South Asia. Maldives alone accounts for about 24 percent of South Asia’s total international tourism.

maldives view of tourism photo:zoom news

Indians have a major contribution in the tourism industry of Maldives. More than two lakh tourists visit Maldives every year. According to the High Commission, about 2.41 lakh Indians went to Maldives in 2022. Even in 2023, two lakh people went to Maldives. Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently visited Lakshadweep, after which Boycott Maldives started trending. In the background of this, Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs Maryam Shiuna had made derogatory remarks. Former President Nasheed had condemned it. Meanwhile, the present government has said that Minister Shiuna’s statement does not represent the government. The government will not hesitate to take action against such derogatory comments.

PM Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep; Social media users became active:

Let us tell you that Maldives Minister Shiuna had made objectionable and insulting comments on the pictures and videos of PM Modi’s stay in Lakshadweep. According to media reports, Shiuna’s colleague Malsha Sharif had also made such derogatory comments against the tourism campaign. A lot of anger was seen against them among Indians on social media. Prime Minister Modi had mentioned the natural beauty of Lakshadweep and its potential in the field of tourism. Social media users started commenting that now people should celebrate their holidays in Lakshadweep instead of Maldives.

Maldives drowned under China’s debt?

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Maldives is in debt worth billions. China is owed about $1.3 billion. China is the largest external lender to Maldives. China accounts for about 20 percent of the country’s total public debt. In such a situation, many users advised Maldives, which is in debt of billions, not to clash with India.

Efforts to minimize conflict between Maldives and India

Why is this new trend considered dangerous for India and Maldives? It is also important to understand this. During the rule of pro-China Muizzoo, there is a fear that China’s interference in Maldives will increase again and Maldives’ relations with India will weaken. It is also interesting that Maldives President Mohammed Muizzu was accompanied by Union Minister Kiren Rijiju from India at the swearing-in ceremony. According to media reports, talks are being held between the governments of the two countries to minimize the conflict.


How worried Maldives is about social media users can be gauged from the tweet of the former President. In a post on Twitter, former President Nasheed, considered India-friendly, said the use of appalling language against the leader of a key ally country was wrong. Taking cognizance of this is important from the perspective of security and prosperity of Maldives. The Muizzu government ought to retract these remarks. India should give clear assurance.

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