December 27th, 2023, both the bustling shopping hubs in Bengaluru, namely Phoenix Mall of Asia situated in Hebbal and Phoenix Market City located in Whitefield, unexpectedly shut down, catching many shoppers by surprise.”

  1. Phonex mall , Bangalore

Reportedly, the mall stands unexpectedly shuttered, with stationed police at the entrance preventing entry and advising potential visitors against trying to access the premises, citing the closure for the day.”
The closure’s official cause remains unconfirmed, but reports suggest it may be attributed to missing Kannada language nameplates.” “Several establishments, including malls, shops, commercial buildings, companies, and multinational corporations, encountered the wrath of Karnataka Rakshana Vedike (KRV) activists. These activists defaced and destroyed signboards and nameplates that didn’t display information in Kannada.”

A recent Reddit post alleges that an incident last night prompted the closure, with police officials on high alert due to suspected potential threats to the stores. However, these assertions are yet to be verified.”

Although the credibility of these claims remains uncertain, the nearby VR Bengaluru mall appears unaffected by the purported concerns, operating as usual, which contributes to the perplexity surrounding the situation.”



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