First alcohol store to open in Saudi Arabia, liquorFirst alcohol store to open in Saudi Arabia, liquor

Clients must register using a mobile app, and once they receive their clearance number from the Ministry of External Affairs, a monthly cap will be set for them.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is getting ready to build its first liquor store in Riyadh, the capital. Diplomats who are not Muslims will receive services from this store. News from the news agency Reuters states that this is regarded as a significant move under Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman‘s direction.

This is viewed by experts as a component of the larger economic strengthening initiatives known as Vision 2030.

Registration will be done through mobile app


Customers will need to register via a mobile app, according to the document acquired by Reuters, and they will be given a monthly limit following their receipt of a clearance number from the State Department. The Diplomatic Quarter in Riyadh is where the new store will be situated.Allow us to inform you that embassies and diplomats reside here. It is unclear at this time, though, if further immigrants who are not Muslims will have access to the store.


Let us inform you that although millions of foreigners reside in Saudi Arabia, the majority of them are Muslim laborers from Egypt and Asia. A very small number of migrants from other communities live there. A source claimed that the store is expected to open in the coming weeks.


In Saudi Arabia, it is illegal to use alcohol.


Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited in Saudi Arabia and is punishable by jail, fines, expulsion, or hundreds of flogging. Under this law, migrants also face deportation. As part of the reforms, the punishment of flogging has been largely replaced by prison terms. State-controlled media reported this week that the government is imposing new restrictions on alcohol imports within diplomatic convoys, which could increase demand for new stores.


Allow us to inform you that Saudi Arabia has recently seen significant progress. The strict rules have been relaxed in recent years.

Many reforms are taking place under the leadership of Mohammed bin Salman

It is significant that numerous changes were observed as Prince Mohammed’s hold on power grew. Saudi Arabia has recently approved music festivals and nonreligious travel. Let us inform you that the goal of the Saudi Government Vision 2030 is to grow regional logistics hubs and industries.  Its aim is to create hundreds of thousands of jobs for Saudi citizens.

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