Pawn Star' Rick Harrison's son, Adam Harrison, dies at 39..Pawn Star' Rick Harrison's son, Adam Harrison, dies at 39..

Adam Harrison, the 39-year-old son of “Pawn Stars” actor Rick Harrison, overdosed on drugs and died.

Pawn Star' Rick Harrison's son, Adam Harrison, dies at 39
Pawn Star’ Rick Harrison’s son, Adam Harrison, dies at 39 photo:social media

Adam Harrison, the 39-year-old son of Rick Harrison, died from a heroin overdose. Recognized for their reality series “Pawn Stars,” fans and family are in mourning following this unanticipated catastrophe. Here are all the specifics of Adam’s life and the events leading up to this regrettable incident.

Adam Harrison: who was he?

Rick Harrison’s second son from his first marriage, Adam Harrison, was born in 1984. Although his older brother Corey is well-known from “Pawn Stars,” Adam chose a quieter life and kept a distance from the family’s pawn shop enterprise.

The untimely death at 39

On January 20, Adam Harrison, the 39-year-old son of ‘Pawn Stars’ star Rick Harrison, unexpectedly died. Although specifics are yet unknown, a narcotic overdose is listed as the cause of death. Rick posted the tragic news on Instagram, saying, “You’ll always hold a special place in my heart! Adam, I adore you,” he wrote.


What was said by the family?

According to Laura Herlovich, the Harrison family’s spokeswoman, they are crushed by the loss. They expressed their deep sorrow about Adam’s passing and asked to be left alone during this trying time.


Family statement: “Our family is absolutely grieved by Adam’s passing.We beg for discretion while we process his passing.”


Which substance did he take?

The circumstances surrounding Adam’s death are presently being looked into by the Las Vegas Metro Police Department. The family was informed of his passing on January 19, but no precise information regarding the date, time, or substances involved has been made public as of yet.


Adam’s biography and work

In contrast to his brother Corey, Adam avoided the spotlight and social media. He had apparently left the family’s well-known Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, where he was employed. There are rumors that he decided to become a plumber.


How do you define Pawn Stars?

The popular reality TV show “Pawn Stars,” which has been airing on the History Channel since 2009, chronicles the day-to-day activities of the Harrison family’s Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. Rick, Corey, and their late brother Adam have worked in the family’s antiques and relics company.


What are the opinions of fans?

Fans responded to the news of Adam’s passing by expressing their sympathies on social media. A lot of people expressed their sorrow over Rick Harrison’s son’s premature death.

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