sahoaib third marriagesahoaib third marriage

Father Imran said in a statement given to the news agency – It was ‘open’. ‘Under Khula, a Muslim woman has the right to divorce her husband unilaterally.


Former Pakistan captain Shoaib Malik has married Sana Javed. This is his third marriage. Before this, he was married to India’s Ayesha Siddiqui and tennis star Sania Mirza. In 2010, Shoaib had to divorce Ayesha to marry Sania. After this, when the news of increasing distance from Sania came, the question in everyone’s mind was whether there has been a divorce between the two? Now the whole matter has become clear with a statement by Sania’s father Imran Mirza. Shoaib did not grant the divorce; Sania did.

Sania is Shoaib Malik's second wife
Sania is Shoaib Malik’s second wife photo:social media

Father Imran said in a statement given to the news agency – It was ‘ Khula ‘.A Muslim woman has the right to an independent divorce from her spouse under “Khula.”Only the wife can have the desire to be ‘ Khula ‘. This statement of Imran Mirza is going viral.


What is ‘ Khula ‘?

Khula is another form of divorce. Its only difference from divorce is that it can be taken from the woman’s side. Through Khula, a woman can break relations with her husband. In divorce, the man decides to separate from his wife, while on the other hand, in Khula, the wife decides to separate from her husband. This type of divorce is also mentioned in ‘Quran’ and ‘Hadith’.


For ‘Khula’, consent of both husband and wife is necessary. The process of Khula provides the option of seeking divorce in an honorable and dignified manner to Muslim women who are unhappy in their marriage. Once a divorce is granted, the wife has to either return some of her property or give up some of her rights.


Shoaib married for the third time

Sania is Shoaib Malik’s second wife. He had previously wed Indian Ayesha Siddiqui. In 2010, he married Indian tennis star Sania. Eight years later, both became parents. Both of them have a son, named Izhaan Mirza Malik. Now both of them have separated after 13 years of marriage. Sana Javed, an actress from Pakistan, is the wife of Shoaib. On Saturday, Shoaib confirmed this by sharing the picture on social media.


Who is Sana Javed?

Sana Javed, a well-known actress from Pakistan, is no longer married. She married Umair Jaswal in 2020. However, the two soon separated.Afterwards, they each removed each other’s pictures from their individual accounts. Then the two started talking about their divorce. Sana, 28, has made numerous appearances on Pakistani TV series.

There were reports of Shoaib and Sana’s date

Long ago, rumors of Shoaib and Sana’s relationship began to circulate. It was also recently that Shoaib wished Sana a happy birthday. Happy Birthday, Buddy! was what Shoaib had written. The cricket player from Pakistan had also sent Sana a photo of himself in addition to this. Sana Shoaib Malik is now her Instagram name, as of right now.

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