Dwarka Expressway Inauguration: Cost of Rs 9000 crore.Dwarka Expressway Inauguration: Cost of Rs 9000 crore.

Dwarka Expressway News: Prime Minister Narendra Modi gifted Dwarka Expressway to the people of Delhi-Haryana before the elections.The 29.5-kilometer expressway passes through Gurugram for 19 kilometers.This highway connects Delhi to Jaipur.

Dwarka Expressway Route: The Dwarka Expressway was officially opened on Monday by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. For his program, the government had made all the necessary arrangements. Have done it. The PM inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of 112 major National Highway projects worth about Rs 1 lakh crore across the country here in Gurugram.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended a road show in Gurugram. Here he inaugurated 112 national highway projects worth Rs 1 lakh crore for the entire country. People would therefore see a reduction in traffic on Delhi’s and Gurugram’s NH-48.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inspected the Dwarka Expressway along with Haryana CM Manohar Lal and Union Minister Nitin Gadkari. PM will inaugurate Dwarka Expressway in Gurugram shortly. BJP’s sitting MP from Delhi and the party’s candidate for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections reached Gurugram and welcomed PM Modi.

Dwarka Expressway is being built with Rs 9 thousand crores

Got the gift of Dwarka Expressway being built at a cost of about nine thousand crores. Nineteen kilometers of the 29.5-kilometer freeway travel through Gurugram. To finalize it, NHAI officials are busy in the work of improvement and beautification. The nine kilometers of patch work in Delhi should be completed by June.

The expressway is divided into four parts

The expressway is divided into four segments. The first section links Dwarka with Shiv Murti, which is close to Mahipalpur. The other links Bajghera and Dwarka Urban Extension Road (UER). The third segment runs from Bajghera to the Basai Rail Overbridge, which spans the boundary between Delhi and Haryana. The fourth section takes place between Basai ROB and Kherki Daula. It will connect the Delhi-Gurugram Expressway (NH-48) with the Southern Peripheral Road (SPR) close to Kherki Daula. It has a cloverleaf interchange on the portion of the highway that passes through Gurugram.

There will be improved connectivity between IGI Airport

Rao said the opening of the Dwarka Expressway will improve connectivity between Gurugram and Delhi’s IGI Airport.Additionally, there will be four types of road transportation included in this project: flyovers, underpasses, tunnels, and flyovers above flyovers.





This highway is 10.1 kilometers long in the Delhi area and 18.9 kilometers long in the Haryana region. He said that the citizens of Gurugram had received a significant gift from the government. With the inauguration of this expressway, the road network in Gurugram and the surrounding NCR area will grow. It will also assist the residents of this area’s newer neighborhoods.

first elevated eight-lane freeway

The first eight-lane elevated highway in the nation is being constructed for over Rs 9000 crore. This also includes the first elevated road, a 9-kilometer stretch of eight lanes at 34 meters wide supported by a single pillar of its kind in the country. In Haryana, this expressway will be found near Harsaru in Pataudi Road (SH-26) and near Basai in Farrukhnagar (SH-15A).

It would also cross the Delhi-Rewari railway line in Sector 88 (B) in Gurugram and at Bharthal.The projected Global City in the Gurugram area and Dwarka Sector-21 would be connected by the expressway to Sectors 88, 83, 84, 99, and 113.

Vehicle pressure will reduce on Delhi-Jaipur Highway

With the opening of Dwarka Expressway, the vehicular pressure on Delhi-Jaipur Highway will reduce. Currently, due to the pressure of vehicles, people have to face the problem of traffic jam every day at many places including Sarhaul border till Kherkidaula. With the opening of Dwarka Expressway, the pressure of vehicles on the highway will be reduced and people are expected to get relief from the jam.

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