Debut:India's Test cap number 311 SarfarazDebut:India's Test cap number 311 Sarfaraz
Sarfaraz Khan: Sarfaraz and his family will be sad that he was deprived of a certain century, but on Thursday his dream came true, which only a few people get.

Sarfaraz Khan: Someone should ask an army soldier what is the value of a cap or a medal, someone should ask the price of a cap, behind which so many stories and sacrifices are hidden that it would be difficult for any other person to even pay for it. Can realize, but when the son is like Sarfaraz Khan and the “penance” is like father Naushad Khan, then the father, his family members and friends of the struggle can understand it very well.

Sarfaraz told the media after the end of the first day’s play – Coming on the field for the first time and taking the cap in front of his father.When he started my cricket (training), I was six years old. Playing for the Indian squad in front of him was my ambition.

Sarfaraz Khan started his cricket journey at the age of six. From the very beginning, he dreamed of becoming an international player like his father. After two decades, this dream of this Mumbai batsman came true on Thursday when before the third Test against England, former captain Anil Kumble handed him the Test cap and his father Naushad, who was present on the field, cried seeing his son getting the Test cap. Were staying. Sarfaraz also proved his worth with a half-century.


India’s Test cap number 311 Sarfaraz scored a blistering 62 runs in 66 balls and made a great start to his international career. Naushad was very happy on Thursday. He had not even planned to go to Rajkot to see his son, but reached here on the eve of the match. Sarfaraz’s wife Romana Zahoor was also present there along with Naushad and both had tears of happiness in their eyes.


And before the first day’s play of the third Test against England (Ind vs Eng) which started at the Saurashtra Cricket Stadium from Rajkot on Thursday, when the veteran Anil Kumble received the number 311 Indian Test cap. Tears filled both of their eyes after giving it to Father Naushad and his wife.This was a sight which was rarely seen before, but whoever saw it on social media became emotional.


Anyone who views these photos on social media is experiencing mental distress. These moments were rarely seen before. When KS Bharat’s Test career started a few days ago, he was seen with his mother, but the emotional moments seen by Sarfaraz’s father and wife and crores of Indian cricket fans were actually not like the moments of Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement. The times were observed.

As soon as the father touched Sarfaraz’s cap number 312, received from BCCI, Naushad and Sarfaraz’s wife seemed to melt in emotions. The father kissed this cap with tears in his eyes, while after taking the cap in his hand, Sarfaraz was seen wiping his wife’s tears. Additionally, the significance of the Team India cap and shirt for the athlete and his family was revealed. Meanings that can be felt from others, in which everyone wants to be immersed, but not

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