Dolly Bhai taken a Lamborghini ?Dolly Bhai taken a Lamborghini ?

A video of the famous Dolly Chaiwala, who makes tea in her unique way, is going viral on social media. In which Dolly Chaiwala is seen driving a Lamborghini car with a man.


Dolly Chaiwala Viral Video: Due to her unique way of making tea, the fortunes of the famous Dolly Chaiwala have now changed. Let us tell you that Dolly Chaiwala sells tea in Nagpur. People like his way of making tea. Food vloggers from far and wide come to make videos of Dolly Chaiwala.


Recently, a video of Dolly Chaiwala is going viral on social media. In which Dolly Chaiwala is seen driving a Lamborghini car with a man. Let us show you this funny video too-

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In the video of Dolly Chaiwala, you can see that Dolly is seen sitting in a Lamborghini car with a man and driving him on the streets in swag. Shared the video on the Instagram handle of dolly_ki_tapri_nagpur instagram.


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Dolly’s fans are very fond of this video of driving a Lamborghini car. This is the reason why people are sharing and liking this video a lot. However, whether this Lamborghini car belongs to Dolly Chaiwala or not is not confirmed yet.


Dolly Chaiwala’s style

Dolly Chaiwala has become quite famous after serving tea to Bill Gates, the seventh richest man in the world. Apart from this, Dolly is also very famous due to her hairstyle and way of wearing clothes. The bright shirt, spectacles and colorful style make Dolly Chaiwala stand out. Let us tell you that Dolly serves tea in Rajinikanth style.

People are giving their funny reactions to this video of Dolly Chaiwala’s Lamborghini car. One user wrote, now I have lost faith in education. While another user wrote, has Dolly Bhai taken a Lamborghini?

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